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Various - Imperial Dub Recordings Digital Discography MP3




Imperial Dub Recordings Digital Discography



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Imperial Dub Recordings, 3rd Party Artist Recordings, DP (Dubplate) Records




Deep House



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IDR-001 to IDR-044, 3PA-01 to 3PA-04, DP01 to DP03

Various - Imperial Dub Recordings Digital Discography MP3


1Community RecordingsMagic Circle (Drum In Space Mix)
2Neon HeightsHome Town Blue (Original Dub)6:23
3HesohiSide Two (Chocolat Afro, The Mocha Mode, Darque Chocolat & Chocolat Is Chocolat)
4Dubtribe Sound SystemEquitoreal (Original Full Length Version)
5Dubtribe Sound SystemSamba Dub (Instrumental Edit)
6Matt CorwineBuzz/Up (Original Version)6:08
7Trip 'ta' FunkDamaged Dub (Dubtribe Remix)
8J'n'R ProductionsBongos (Moles Remix)6:14
9Dave BarkerMeanwhile...
10BlackstoneThe Flute Song
11DJ CorsterThe Frying Pan Song
12DJ CorsterThat Guy With The Hat
13Greg LongSkindiving (Headstash Re Work)4:09
14Dubtribe Sound SystemDo It Now (A Capella)
15BRSMaybe You (Vocal Cut)
16Dubtribe Sound SystemBreeze... (Dubtribe Remix)
17J'n'R ProductionsBongos (Essa Mix)4:39
18Dubtribe Sound SystemWednesday Night
19Doctor DUBUnification (Feel The Release Mix)
20Los SonadoresChild's Play7:31
21Kingston Edit6:00
22BRSMaybe You (Original)
23HesohiJoy (Alternate Mix)
24Dave BarkerChips Y Salsa (Delirium Dub)
25PC SynergyG-Drive5:28
26Dubtribe Sound SystemWe Used To Dance (Muzique Tropique's Glasgow Funk Mix)
27Dubtribe Sound SystemCan't Stay Awake7:49
28Los SonadoresChild's Play (Mr. Robb's NY Summer Dub)
Remix – Mr. Robb
29Fiction Edit6:35
30Trip 'ta' FunkThere Is No Revolution (Trip 'ta' Funk Remix)
31Dave BarkerChips Y Salsa (Watusapella)
32PC SynergyDestined
33L Ray RobinsonGo On and Do7:03
34Doctor DUBReach For The Dub (Instrumental Dub Mix)
35Doctor DUBUnification (Imperial Dub Remix)
36Dawn Patrol Let Your Hair Down
37Dawn Patrol In Time (Original Mix)
38PC SynergyTo Reach You
39Darren DavisInspirational DUB (Dubtribe's Live On The Fly Remix)
40Los SonadoresCity Life6:33
41Dubtribe Sound SystemDo It Now (Bonus Beats)
42J'n'R ProductionsTrains7:20
43DJ CorsterDubtribe Makes The Dub (Dubtribe Remix)
45Dubtribe Sound SystemBreeze... (Sunshine's Soul Mix)10:28
46Dubtribe Sound SystemIf You're Not Coming Back To Me
47Matt CorwineAfternoons (Original Version)
48Trip 'ta' FunkHealing Dub (Imperial Dub Remix)
49Community RecordingsMagic Circle (Organic Soul Dub)
50Neon HeightsHome Town Blue (Original Vocal)8:23
51PC SynergyKelly's Groove
52Dubtribe Sound SystemSamba Samba Samba9:10
53Neon HeightsHome Town Blue (Frankie Valley Mix)8:24
54Dave BarkerChips Y Salsa (Watusi Vocal)
55BRSMaybe You (Vocal Dub)
56Dubtribe Sound SystemHot Climate Location8:42
57BRSLovin' Me (Dubtribe Sound System Remix)
58Dubtribe Sound SystemFeelin' Allright Now (Dubtribe Sound System Pre-Mixed Re-Vision)
59PC SynergyTech Support
60PC SynergyForever
61PC SynergyOde De Green5:14
62Matt CorwineBuzz/Up (Live Version)5:29
63Dubtribe Sound SystemWe Used To Dance (Original Mix)
64Triangle OrchestraUngh!
65DSP Sins I've Lost
66DSP Track Three
67DJ CorsterCorster's Gettin' Loose
68Doctor DUBUnification (Demo Version)
69Dubtribe Sound SystemSunshine's Theme
70Dubtribe Sound SystemSphere
71J'n'R ProductionsBongos (Flute Mix)7:01
72Dubtribe Sound SystemEquitoreal (Mariachi Dub Version)
73PC SynergyInner Dependence
74Doctor DUBDoc's Acapella
75Dubtribe Sound System7 Minutos En Säo Paulo
76Dubtribe Sound SystemDo It Now (Deep Tech Version)
77BRSLovin' Me (Original)
7815pearlAfter (a. b. and c.)
79L Ray RobinsonLuna Del Ray (Album Version)7:24
81DJ CorsterCorster Makes The Scene (Original Mix)
82HesohiSay I Love You
83Dubtribe Sound SystemFormat
84PC SynergyAmai Oto5:35
85Dubtribe Sound SystemSouthern Version (Unreleased Album Version)8:36
86LoopwreckasWhat U Feel8:30
87BRSMaybe You (Hammond Re-work)
88HesohiJoy In DUB
89Trip 'ta' FunkThere Is No Revolution (Original Mix)
90Dubtribe Sound SystemEquitoreal (Instrumental Version)
91DSP Sins I've Lost (One)
92Dubtribe Sound SystemLonliness In Dub
93L Ray RobinsonXJS8:01
94Dubtribe Sound SystemMomentito Por Favor
96Matt CorwineBuzz/Up (Dave Barker Remix)
Remix – Dave Barker
97Community RecordingsGypsy Sunrise (Organic Soul Mix)
98LoopwreckasWhat U Feel6:16
99Fiction Re Edit6:03
100Greg LongSkindiving (Sunshine And Corster Remix)7:56
101Onionz & Master DInfatuation (Corey And Andrew's Remix)
103Dubtribe Sound SystemDo It Now (Vocal DUB)
104Community RecordingsGypsy Sunrise (Organic Soul Dub)
105Triangle Orchestra@137 (With The Dub Effect)
106Doctor DUBInna Sense
107Dawn Patrol My Soul
108PC SynergyVermillion
109Matt CorwineRegrets
110Onionz & Master DInfatuation (Believe Beats)
111Dubtribe Sound SystemHasta Luego Mi Hermano
112Triangle OrchestraWhere's The Tape?
113Doctor DUBReach For The Sky (Original Vocal Version)
114Dubtribe Sound SystemBreeze... (Original Full Length Version)
115Dubtribe Sound SystemFunky Back Home (Soul Mix)6:54
116Matt CorwineBuzz/Up
117DJ CorsterGuerrero Street, 5am
118Dubtribe Sound SystemDo It Now (Under 8' Mix)
119HesohiSay I Love You (Imperial Dub Version)
120Dubtribe Sound SystemDo It Now
121HesohiSide One (That Mocha Mood & Milque Chocolat)
123Greg LongSkindiving (Original Version)5:54
124Los SonadoresExpression9:10
125Community RecordingsGypsy Sunrise (Jon's 3 Table Edit)
126PC SynergyVibe City6:12
127Darren DavisInspirational Times (Original Mix)
128L Ray RobinsonLuna Del Ray (Disco Bump Mix)7:58
129Dubtribe Sound SystemHope You're Feelin' Better Brother (Imperial DUB Version)
130Dubtribe Sound SystemNo Puedo Estar Despierto
131LoopwreckasHoney Dip (Dub)8:28
132Community RecordingsMagic Circle (Mellow Mountain Dub)
134Matt CorwineBuzz/Up 2002 (Matt Corwine 2002 Remix)6:38
135Dubtribe Sound SystemSamba Dub (Full Length Vocal Version)
13615pearlGet This Thing Together
137Onionz & Master DInfatuation (Original Mix)
138Dawn Patrol In Time (Frequent Flyers Remix)
139Dubtribe Sound SystemUnlovable
140PC SynergyDeeper Revival


The Complete Vinyl Collection 1996-2003

hello! I want this! how i can get it? please contact me! i want to buy it. Thanks!
what's your price?
it there anyone playing those CD ???? lets make bussines ok. let me know anything. im interessted
melody of you
Same... this was an incredible deal from Sunshine. IDR put out quality music release after release.
I am playing these CDs - a great complete discography of the entire output of oen of my favourite labels. Of course I am playing them!

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