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Домашняя Коллекция, Навигатор




Glam, Pop Rock, Classic Rock, Folk Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Acoustic



T'Rex - T'Rex MP3


1T. RexZip Gunn Boogie
2Tyrannosaurus RexShe Was Born To Be My Unicorn
3Tyrannosaurus RexAznageel The Mage
4Tyrannosaurus RexCatblack (The Wizard's Hat)
5Tyrannosaurus RexNijinski Hind
6Tyrannosaurus RexChild Star
7Marc BolanObservations
8T. RexRide My Wheels
9T. RexTeenage Dream
10T. RexJewel
11T. RexTeenage Dreem
12T. RexSummer Deep
13T. RexLaser Love
14Tyrannosaurus RexThe Travelling Tragition
15T. RexDreamy Lady
16Marc Bolan & T. RexLife's A Gas
17T. RexThe Leopards Featuring
18Tyrannosaurus RexLike A White Star, Tangled ...
19T. RexBuick Mackane
20Marc Bolan & T. RexMambo Sun
21T. RexPrecious Star
22T. RexTame My Tiger
23T. RexThe Time Of Love Is Now
24Marc Bolan & T. RexJeepster
25T. RexLondon Boys
26 1971-Love To Boogie
27Tyrannosaurus RexElemental Child
28T. RexSuken Rags
29Marc Bolan & John's ChildrenCome And Play With Me In The..
30T. RexInterstellar Soul
31T. RexLife's An Elevator
32T. RexSpace Boss
33Marc BolanI'm Weird
34Marc Bolan & T. RexCosmic Dancer
35Marc Bolan & T. RexThe Motivator
36Tyrannosaurus RexStacy Groove
37T. RexNew York Sity
38Tyrannosaurus RexScenescof
39M.Bolan & T. RexChariot Choogle
40 1974-Bolan's Zip Gun
41Marc Bolan & John's ChildrenStrange Affair
42T. RexThe Soul Of My Suit
43T. RexBallrooms Of Mars
44Tyrannosaurus RexOh Harley (The Saltimbanques)
45T. RexDiamond Meadows
46M.Bolan & T. RexDebora
47Marc Bolan & John's ChildrenHippy Gumbo
48T. RexShock Rock
49M.Bolan & T. RexSpasceball Ricochet
50T. RexSuneye
51Marc BolanCharlie
52Tyrannosaurus RexMustang Ford
53Marc Bolan & John's ChildrenDaddy Rolling Stone
54Tyrannosaurus RexDwarfish Trumpet Blues
55Tyrannosaurus RexAfghan Woman
56Tyrannosaurus RexChateau In Virginia Waters
57T. RexYou've Got To Jive To Stay
58T. RexHighway Knees
59Marc Bolan & T. RexLean Woman Blues
60T. RexRock On
61Tyrannosaurus RexKnight
62T. RexGroove A Little
63T. RexSensation Boulevard
64T. RexCountry Honey
65T. RexToken Of My Love
66Tyrannosaurus RexJuniper Suction
67T. RexCelebrate Summer
68T. RexMad Donna
69T. RexThe Avengeres
70Tyrannosaurus RexChariots Of Silk
71T. RexNew York City
72Tyrannosaurus RexWeilder Of Words
73T. RexLondon's Boys
74 1976-Smashed Blocked
75Tyrannosaurus RexWind Quartets
76Marc Bolan & John's ChildrenSmashed Blocked
77 1968-Prophets Seers And Sages
78T. RexCasual Agent
79Tyrannosaurus RexThe Sea Beasts
80T. RexDandy In The Underwold
81Marc BolanYou've Got The Power
82T. RexDawn Storm
83 1972-The Slider
84M.Bolan & T. RexSolid Gold Easy Action
85T. RexJason B Sad
86T. RexI Love To Boogie
87Tyrannosaurus RexTrelawny Lawn
88Marc Bolan & T. RexBaby Strange
89T. RexUniverse
90T. RexBroken Heart Blues
91 1973-Tanx
92M.Bolan & T. RexBaby Strange
93T. RexBaby Boomerang
94Tyrannosaurus RexWind Cheetah
95T. RexChilde
96T. RexSolid Baby
97T. RexIs It Love
98Marc Bolan & T. RexHoney Don't
99T. RexGalaxy
100T. RexSolid Gold Easy Action
101 1971-Electric Warrior Session
102 1967-1972 M.Bolan & T.Rex
103Tyrannosaurus RexThe Misty Coast Of Albany
104Marc BolanBlack And White Incident
105T. RexThe Visit
106Tyrannosaurus RexA Day Laye
107Marc Bolan & T. RexGirl
108T. RexChrome Sitar
109Tyrannosaurus RexThe Pilgrim's Tale
110T. RexCarsmile Smith And Jive To Stay
111Tyrannosaurus RexConsuela
112Marc Bolan & T. RexPlanet Queen
113T. RexThink Zinc.
114Tyrannosaurus RexStones For Avalon
115Marc Bolan & T. RexRip Off
116Tyrannosaurus RexStrange Orchestras
117 1977-Dandy In The Underworld
118M.Bolan & T. RexRock On
119T. RexTill Dawn
120Marc Bolan & John's ChildrenJagged Time Lapse
121Tyrannosaurus RexFrowning Atahuallpa
122 1981-You Scare Me To Death
123T. RexMy Little Baby
124Marc Bolan & T. RexSummertime Blues
125Marc Bolan & John's ChildrenHot Rod Mama
126T. RexCrimson Moon
127T. RexGirl In The Thunderbolt
128Tyrannosaurus RexSalamanda Palaganda
129T. RexHang-Ups
130T. RexMetal Guru
131 1970-M Bolan &Jon's Children Smashed Blocked
132Tyrannosaurus RexScenescof Dynasty
133T. RexCalling All Destroyers
134T. RexMain Man
135Tyrannosaurus RexA Beard Of Stars
136T. RexCity Port
137Marc Bolan & John's ChildrenThe Love I Thought I'd Found
138T. RexSeagull Woman
139T. Rex20th Centure Boy
140T. RexExplosive Mouth
141T. RexRapids
142T. RexTheme For A Dragon
143T. RexThe Wizard
144 1970-A Beard Of Stars
145 1968-My People Was Fair
146Tyrannosaurus RexDeboraarobed
147Marc Bolan & John's ChildrenPerfumed Garden Of Gulliver...
148T. RexOne Inch Rock
149Marc BolanYou Scare Me To Death
150M.Bolan & T. RexBuick Mackane
151 1973-Zinc Alloy And The Hidden Riders Of Tomorrow
152Marc BolanEastern Spell
153Tyrannosaurus RexThe Throat Of Winter
154Marc BolanMustang Ford
155T. RexTelegram Sam
156T. RexDock Of The Bay
157M.Bolan & T. RexMain Man
158T. RexSound Pit
159T. RexMystic Lady
160Tyrannosaurus RexPrelude
161Marc Bolan & T. RexMonolith
162Tyrannosaurus RexThe Friends
163T. RexI'm A Fool For You Girl
164Tyrannosaurus RexGreat Horsey
165T. RexLight Of Love
166T. RexThe Slider
167T. RexNameless Wildness
168 1975-Futuristic Dragon
169T. RexLiquid Gang
170Tyrannosaurus Rex'Pon A Hill
171Tyrannosaurus RexWoodland Bop
172T. RexTo Know You Is To Love You
173Tyrannosaurus RexFirst Heart Mighty Dawn Dart
174T. RexBaby Strange
175M.Bolan & T. RexRabbit Fighter
176Marc BolanCat Black
177Marc Bolan & John's ChildrenMustang Ford
178Tyrannosaurus RexOrgan Blues
179M.Bolan & T. RexBaby Boomerang
180 1970-T'Rex
181T. RexChildren Of The Revolution
182Marc BolanJasmine '49
183Marc BolanThe Perfumed Garden Of ...
184T. RexRoot Of Star
185Marc Bolan & John's ChildrenMidsummer Night's Scene
186T. RexVisions Of Domino
187Tyrannosaurus RexThe Seal Of Seasons
188T. RexPainless Persuasion
189T. RexJupiter Liar
190T. RexMister Mister
191Tyrannosaurus RexOur Wonderful Brownskin Man
192T. RexThe Street & Babe Shadow
193T. RexThe Children Of Rarn
194Marc Bolan & T. RexBang A Gong (Get It On)
195Marc Bolan & John's ChildrenSally Was An Angel
196T. RexDo You Wanna Dance
197T. RexPain And Love
198Marc Bolan & John's ChildrenJust What You Want - Just ...
199Tyrannosaurus RexGraceful Fat Sheba
200Tyrannosaurus RexLofty Skies
201T. RexLeft Hand Luke
202 1969-Unicom
203T. RexChariot Choogle
204T. RexEletric Slim & The Factory Hen
205Tyrannosaurus RexHot Rod Mama
206Marc Bolan & John's ChildrenNot The Sort Of Girl You ...
207Tyrannosaurus RexWarlord Of The Royal Crocodile
208Tyrannosaurus RexDragon's Ear
209T. RexRabbit Fighter
210T. RexGolden Best
211Tyrannosaurus RexDove
212T. RexSpaceball Ricochet
213Marc BolanHippy Gumbo
214M.Bolan & T. RexMystic Lady
215T. RexFuturitic Dragon
216M.Bolan & T. RexBallrooms Of Mars
217Marc Bolan & John's ChildrenRemember Thomas A'Beckett
218T. RexVenus Loon
219T. RexLady
220T. RexDandy In The Underworld
221T. RexAll Alone
222T. RexLight Of My Love
223Marc Bolan & John's ChildrenBut She's Mine
224T. RexTenement Lady
225Tyrannosaurus RexEastern Spell
226Tyrannosaurus RexPavilions Of Sun
227T. RexLife Is Strange
228T. RexI Really Love You Baby
229T. RexBeltane Walk
230Tyrannosaurus RexBy The Light Of A Magical Moon
231T. RexChange
232T. RexBorn To Boogie
233Tyrannosaurus RexEvenings Of Damask
234Marc Bolan & T. RexWoodland Rock
235T. RexTeen Riot Structure


Музыкальный архив творчества
17 альбомов в формате MP3

РФ, 2004 ООО "ЭЛКОМ". Прокатное удостоверение №237411525,выданное Министерством культуры РФ от 24.01.2004.
Диск изготовлен ЗАО "Полимер -сервис". Лицензия МПТР России ВАФ-77-563 от 29.09.2003,
юридический адрес: РФ, 442539, г. Кузнецк, Пензенская обл., ул Гагарина, д. 7, стр. 4.

Disc contains shell with a player

"Images" folder contains a small image gallery

"Texts" folder contains lyrics of the songs (in TXT format)


  • Barcode (Text): 4 619497 411525
  • Barcode (String): 4619497411525


  • Record Company – ООО "Элком"
  • Manufactured By – ЗАО "Полимер-сервис"

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